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Zero Waste Discovery Kit

Zero Waste Discovery Kit

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This kit includes:
- 4 bulk bags SML-XL
- 1 charlotte size M
- a washable flat sponge (jute or mesh)

Choose your fabrics (bulk bags and charlottes) in the fabric catalog and send me a message via the "contact" tab after purchase


Bulk bag: 100% Oeko-Tex 100 Charlotte cotton: 100% Oeko-Tex coated cotton Sponge: 50% natural jute, 50% Oeko-tex sponge OR mesh fabric: 100% organic cotton

Deadlines & Delivery

2 weeks delay currently

Delivery by La Poste (Colissimo or letter followed by weight)


Bulk bags: - S: 21x15cm, can contain 5 kiwis, 11.5 grams - M: 24.5 x 18cm, can contain 5 apples, 14.5 grams - L: 27 x 20.5cm, weight 17g - XL: 29x23cm, can contain 1kg of twisted dough, 20 grams Charlotte Size M: bowl 13.5 to 15.5 cm in diameter Flat sponge Approximately 8.5 x 13cm


Bulk bag + sponge: Machine wash at 30° No tumble dryer Gentle ironing welcome Charlottes: Hand wash Tumble dryer prohibited Ironing prohibited Microwave prohibited Do not put in direct contact with food

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