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Zero Waste Bulk Shopping Kit: 4 vegetable nets + 4 bulk bags

Zero Waste Bulk Shopping Kit: 4 vegetable nets + 4 bulk bags

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I have combined 4 vegetable nets and 4 bulk bags in a kit so that you can be self-sufficient during your Zero Waste bulk shopping.
Craft creations that could not be more useful in your daily life! All while taking advantage of a 5% reduction on the unit price. Value of the creations individually: 49€

Contact me after purchase to tell me your choice of fabrics (to choose from the fabric catalog )

I test my creations at my producer or in the supermarket. I go to the bulk department and I use my small, light, handmade bags to put the dry products in.
From the smallest for the most expensive nuts to the largest for pasta per kilo, you will find your account in the 4 formats offered.

The vegetable net is super easy to use. The person at the checkout often tells me that it's very practical for her too to see what's inside without having to open the bag!
4 vegetable nets per family are not too much especially when you love fruits and vegetables!

With all this you will be ready for your next shopping! Let's go ?


100% Oeko-Tex 100 cotton GOTS certified organic cotton mesh


Vegetable net: 32x25cm Weight: 36g Bulk bags: S: 21x15cm, can contain 5 kiwis, weight 11.5 grams M: 24.5 x 18cm, can contain 5 apples or 1kg of rice, weight 14.5 grams L: 27 x 20.5cm, weight 17g XL: 29x23cm, can hold 1kg of twisted dough, weight 20 grams


Machine wash 30° No tumble dry Gentle ironing welcome

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