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SHL washable sanitary napkins

SHL washable sanitary napkins

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Washable sanitary napkins (SHL) made with Oeko-Tex and Bio GOTS certified fabrics

Snap button closure, random patterns based on my scraps of fabric.

Waterproofing ensured by a layer of PUL fabric.


Decorative cotton: 100% Oeko-Tex cotton Flannel (skin contact): 100% GOTS certified natural organic cotton Terry insert: 100% Oeko-Tex cotton 480gr/m² PUL


Size 1: 19 cm long Size 2: 24 cm long Size 3: 28 cm long Normal flow: 1 layer of sponge Heavy flow: 2 layers of sponge


soak for 1 hour, rinse until the water runs clear and machine wash at 30°

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