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Zero Waste Kitchen Kit: Washable kitchen towel 8 sheets + Charlottes dish cover 4 sizes

Zero Waste Kitchen Kit: Washable kitchen towel 8 sheets + Charlottes dish cover 4 sizes

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The washable paper towel, which I have been using since 2018, is one of the first Zero Waste basics to have in your kitchen. I wash it with my traditional detergent, I dry it in the open air and I put it in a roll thanks to its clever system of press studs . It is always operational, ready to wipe the little nonsense from everyone!

The waterproof and washable dish cover caps replace the plastic film , they are elasticated for more grip around the dish. No liquid will be able to enter it and no smell will be able to come out! You can quietly rest a bread dough, refrigerate the rest of a sauce in its bowl or transport a mixed salad.

Contact me after purchase with your choice of fabrics (to choose from the fabric catalog )

Kit with a discount of 5% included
Value of the creations individually: 61€


Charlottes SML-XL: 100% Oeko-Tex coated cotton Washable kitchen towel 8 sheets: 100% Oeko-Tex cotton (printed cotton and sponge) Sponge weight: 480 gr/m²


Charlottes SML-XL: Size S: mug/glass 7.5 to 9.5 cm in diameter Size M: bowl 13.5 to 15.5 cm in diameter Size L: small salad bowl 20 to 22 cm in diameter XL: large salad bowl/pie dish 25 to 27 cm in diameter Washable paper towel 8 sheets: 20 x 20cm sheet


Washable paper towel: Soak before first use Machine wash 30°, Tumble dry not recommended, Gentle ironing welcome The sponge reaches its maximum absorption after several washes. Charlotte dish cover: Hand wash daily, occasionally machine wash 30° Tumble dry, ironing and microwave prohibited Do not put in direct contact with food

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