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Charlotte waterproof and washable cake dish cover

Charlotte waterproof and washable cake dish cover

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These waterproof and washable flat caps replace stretch film and aluminum foil in all cases where you cover a dish:

  • For storage in the fridge (or in the cupboard) and to avoid odor transfer
  • For transporting a mixed salad or a cake made with love
  • To prevent insects from coming on it

Look at the catalog of fabrics under "Coated cotton"


They are handmade in coated cotton, it is a 100% cotton fabric with a layer of acrylic, this is what makes the charlotte waterproof. These charlottes are elasticated for more grip around the dish.


Intended for a 30x13cm rectangular mold This charlotte can cover several dimensions up to 32cm in length and 15cm in width. Other dimensions (square, oval, rectangle): contact me by message.


They wash daily with a sponge and a little dish soap or soap. From time to time, they can go to the washing machine at 30° short cycle. Do not put in microwave or oven

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